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Data & Analytics

We’re not just driven by data. We’re driven by knowledge that no other agency has. Influent50 has exclusive access to AARP proprietary data — including purchase behavior, self-reported data, and a suite of custom scores. From this, our data scientists build custom models and targeting tools that have proven in-market success, each tailored to help you pursue the most responsive consumers in the market.

And while many can claim to have good numbers, we can help you put them to good use. Our data scientists can help make sense of the data chaos, making sure you’re using data as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Research & Insights

We’ll help you understand not only how the 50+ market will behave, but why. We draw on AARP’s 50+ years of knowledge on the 50+ population and examine a vast body of existing qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary research to connect to your audience in a meaningful way. If the data’s out there, we’ll find it. And if it isn’t, we’ll design and field custom studies — using our dedicated panel — to tell you exactly what your consumers are thinking, and how best to reach them.

Plus, we’re keeping the pulse on evolving attitudes and behaviors of the 50+ through a series of longitudinal studies conducted by AARP — most over 20 years in the making. We’re even studying the next generation of 50+ to make sure we’re prepared for who’s next.



Need big thinking for your new campaign? Or will tweaking a few words in your next Facebook post do the trick? Whatever you’re looking for — from traditional broadcast and print to digital media to skywriting and whatever else you can imagine — we’ll produce strategically driven, compelling work that motivates consumers and drives real results.

Our creative team has extensive experience developing work for major national and international brands in a broad range of industries. And people have taken notice. The team has won accolades at the industry’s top awards shows — and they don’t intend to stop any time soon.

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Communications & Media planning

For us, media planning is about more than just choosing who gets what message when. It’s one of our best tools for forging a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with your audience.

Our goal is to build a communications strategy that truly fits your brand. To start, we’ll get to know your business inside and out, then we’ll connect insights to build a communications plan that best suits your needs. Our media specialists will evaluate what channels to use, how frequently to message your audience, and the most appropriate tracking and reporting strategy. And while our approach is channel-agnostic, we focus on direct response channels for exceptional measurability.


Program Management & Reporting

Think of program management as our agency’s air traffic control. No matter the size of the project or how long the timeline, we’ll make sure all day-to-day deliverables and project developments meet strategic objectives in addition to timing and budget expectations. And with regular detailed reports, we’ll keep you in the loop to ensure KPIs are being met every step of the way. 

Our team will optimize your plan throughout a campaign and take care to factor final reporting into all future plans. We’re always thinking through the best approach for your business — proactively making recommendations informed by experience, marketing trends and past results.


Strategic Planning & Consulting

Thanks to our broad consortium of experts, we aren’t limited to the services traditionally offered by most marketing agencies. Looking to design a new product for the 50+? Or trying to launch a service you’ve already developed? We’ll work with you from day 1 to make sure it’s perfectly suited for your audience. Or maybe you just want your company to more efficiently target the 50+ market. No matter your consulting needs, we’ll do what it takes to turn your business into a well-oiled marketing machine.


We’re a full-service marketing agency wired with a deep understanding of how to communicate with 50+ consumers, how to design products and services that fit their lives and how to connect with them on a personal level. We not only help you identify who you want to reach, but also identify with them — their likes, dislikes, emotions, goals, dreams and everything else that influences purchasing decisions. If you want to connect with them, connect with us >

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