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Fred & Hortense Jones

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Some couples have their special spot. Fred and Hortense have never been able to decide on just one. Now that the couple of 28 years is enjoying retirement, they’re always on the go. They’ve visited every continent, seen countless cities, and more adventures are sure to come.

But even when Fred and Hortense aren’t on the road, they’re still always on the move. Looking to try something new a few years ago, they started taking dancing lessons. Today they Waltz and Rumba their way around the world, shutting down cruise ship dance floors and showing up much younger couples along the way.

“Gauge where we are, how we think about certain products, how we think about certain things.”
“Gauge where we are, how we think about certain products, how we think about certain things.”

So what can marketers learn from these two? Start by connecting with them and their interests. Fred and Hortense aren’t likely to pay attention to a one-size-fits-all ad that features nothing but stick-thin twenty-somethings. In fact, if your messaging is too broad, you’re not going to show up on their radar at all.

You really have to show them you understand their wants and desires or your products and services will most likely be overlooked. Or completely ignored.

"My 75 is only a number." -Hortense
"MY 81 is exciting." -Fred

Of course, once you have Fred and Hortense’s attention, offering a good product is important, but offering good service is a must. The couple will tell you that connecting with them goes beyond a single interaction — it’s a long-term experience. And if you aren’t ready to openly communicate with them, you’ll soon lose their business. To learn more from Fred and Hortense, watch their interview below.