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For John Guider, the most important thing is to have a full life. He’s a father, artist, writer, adventurer, storyteller and river philosopher. And he left a career as a photographer to set a new course.

"My 66 is full of adventure."

At 54, John wondered how far he could travel on the creek behind his Tennessee house. After three months of paddling 12 hours a day, he found out — New Orleans. The journey was such a life-changing experience that he wrote a book called The River Inside and it continues to power him at age 66. Currently, he is finishing a river and ocean loop in a hand-built boat and posting about it on Facebook.

On the water, John’s material needs fade away. He’s focused on collecting great stories and photographs, using cameras that he buys from a company that he’s trusted for over 30 years. Off the water, he can also be hard to reach. He doesn’t watch television and believes direct mail belongs in the trash. But he does go online and consults with friends when he’s exploring products — that’s how he found his last boat.

"If somebody’s my age and they’ve got money it’s because they’re smart shoppers."
"I’ve lived different lives, and I’m in my fourth or fifth life now."

John will be the first to tell you he is a far different shopper today than he was when he was younger. He doesn’t give in to impulses and he’s not concerned about being cool. But if he does consider your brand, he expects a good value and intelligent conversation. The river has made him even wiser and more aware of even the smallest details. To learn more from John, watch his interview below.