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Yoshie Lewis

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Yoshie doesn’t understand why turning 50 is such a big deal. She watched her mother work, learn and grow throughout her entire life. And she plans to do the exact same thing.

"My 51 is challenging and exciting."

Yoshie lives to create every day. As a television and film producer, she has created documentaries on the Civil War and mini-series on the history of Japan. She started a Japanese film festival to enlighten her community and help ex-pats connect. She volunteers her talents to help non-profit organizations. And currently she’s developing a new brand of gluten-free, vegan and organic dog food — inspired by her love for her four dachshunds.

Despite her full calendar, Yoshie does find time to shop. She’s more interested in quality over quantity. And her priorities often shift when it comes time to purchase — sometimes she’s driven by price and other times she’s interested in getting the latest and greatest product. But marketers shouldn’t dial up the pressure; she buys at her own speed.

"I was raised by WWII parents and we definitely were taught delayed gratification."
"Not all of us are fuddy-duddies."

Yoshie doesn’t understand why brands are so focused on Millennials. At 51, She’s still very interested in new cars, having a stylish home and cool clothes. And she buys many products that are currently aimed at Millennials. She thinks marketers should start presenting products to the 50+ audience in a mature way, but with style and class. To learn more from Yoshie, watch her interview below.