Simply put, consumers hate shopping for healthcare coverage. It’s confusing, there’s little to no trust in insurance providers, and in today’s self-directed world, consumers believe they have to figure it all out for themselves. Our goal was to empower AARP members to take charge of their healthcare decisions and make choices that fit their needs (and their budget).

To begin, we leveraged AARP data to target consumers who were concerned about healthcare and actively planning for their future. We then developed our “Take on the World” campaign to emphasize the confidence that comes from making smart, informed decisions — even for something as mundane as dental insurance.

The results? Our rich media interaction rate reached 8% — well above the current average of roughly 2%. Overall response rates reached 23%. And direct mail response was lifted by 200%+ with the addition of retargeted banners.

The “Take on the World” campaign is an excellent example of an integrated campaign that finds users where they are, with the information they’re looking for — utilizing :30 television commercials, online video, social media, rich media banners, games, print, direct mail and email communications.